Prime Advantage review – a deep scam ?

What is Prime Advantage

Prime Advantage is a trading app developed by Marcus Becker for cryptocurrency trading. Becker states that his app comes with these attributes:

  • the latest technology, extremely speedy algorithms
  • Earns 3,000 USD per day, and one million dollars per year.
  • It only takes one hour of work each day.
  • requires no special skills
  • is absolutely free

This is right, Becker claims that he will provide you with your Prime Advantage App at no cost. Becker claims that he’s making a lot of income and that he’ll provide the same opportunity to 70 random individuals who purchase his application. Will you believe it?

Is Prime Advantage a legitimate application?

It isn’t a genuine application. It is not cleared by the regulators, which implies that it is an investment application that is not legal. Because it’s designed to make money trade and generate profits for you that is why it is an investment product. In order to qualify, it has to be licensed by the financial regulators, which it’s not. It’s not legitimate and therefore illegal.

Does Prime Advantage safe?

The truth is that Prime Advantage is not secure. In the beginning, it’s not a safe investment to invest your cash. It’s not going to bring you any money. Actually, it’ll make losses on the money you allow it to trade with. It was designed in this in that way. It is only able to cause losses. In addition, it’s not secure for the personal information you provide. Prime Advantage is run by criminals who seek to use your personal information to benefit themselves. Their aim is to extract as much money as they can.

Prime Advantage scam Prime Advantage scam

Prime Advantage is a scam It is a known fact that we will show through this article. It works exactly the same way as many investment scams we have previously read about and evaluated, such as Profit Secret, Bitcoin Future or Bitcoin Cycle. The primary goal for the Prime Advantage app is to persuade users to pay fraudulent individuals. It’s filled with falsehoods that are created to convince you that there exists a program that will make huge profits at no cost. Here are some examples.

Testimonials from fake users

This is an old one. The official website provides an overview of the amount of Prime Advantage’s users are said to be making. The most recent figures range from $100 to $2000. But, all of it is fake. It was not necessary to trace the users’ pictures back to their source The photos are obviously stolen. Because scammers provided us with the most convincing proof of their claim, they made use of the picture of a person twice using the same name. Take a check out the photo below. Users testimonials This is proof this: Prime Advantage user testimonials that are displayed on the official website of the company are fake. There are also photos that appear to depict the vacation experiences the Prime Advantage organized for their customers. However, as we have already mentioned, this is not true. As you can see in our image below the images are stock photos that anyone can purchase and make use of. They are not real people who use Prime Advantage. Prime Advantage App. Check it out for yourself.

Fake press

The Prime Advantage website is officially licensed. Prime Advantage website also features quotes from articles that claim to talk about the trading app. However, the information is all fake. Bloomberg as well as other news outlets has never published anything on this investment application. As you can see in our photo Bloomberg has created an entity (Bloomburg Press) with a fake name and also intentionally linked to Bloomberg. This is done in order to confuse the public who may just slip across and ignore the details. Some may think that this is genuine press however it’s not.

Counterfeit fake

If you go to your Prime Advantage App webpage for the first time, you’ll notice a counter at the top. It is basically you will be informed that you will have only an hour to sign upor your place is taken by someone else. It’s not true. It is enough to refresh the page and be able to see the counter return to its original value. The purpose of this counter is to create pressure on you, in order that you are compelled to make an action that isn’t sensible. They would like you to pay your money prior to you are aware it is an fraud.

Prime Advantage App How the scam works

We’ve already discussed the fact that Prime Advantage was created to steal your money since it’s a fraud. What is the best way to make an app for free accomplish this? Here’s how it does it. When you sign up with Prime Advantage, you will be taken to a payment page for an unethical broker. The broker is in partnership with the fraudulent people who operate Prime Advantage, together they have a common goal of sharing the money they obtain from those who are similar to you. It will inform you that you need to pay them to begin earning profit. But the entire amount you deposit will be wasted. Since they don’t have a profitable software and algorithm to use, they simply used lies to convince you to hand over your money. The most interesting thing is this: the Prime Advantage app is supposed to be able to trade with cryptocurrency and that’s the claim made by Becker is claiming. However, when you look at the screenshot the app does not trade cryptocurrency, it only trades stocks. It is a crucial aspect to know about. Scams in the field of investment like this typically provide users with a demonstration to prove the users that their program works. However, the demo is fake, it’ll use false prices and earn profits that aren’t possible in real-world trading. If you sign up to Prime Advantage and you get an account with a demo that earns good profits, don’t believe the demo, it’s fake. In real-world trading, Prime Advantage is a scam. Prime Advantage App is losing money. If those who operate the app be able to run a successful system, they would utilize it to earn profits for themselves, and they wouldn’t give it away for free to anyone.

Have you been scammed from Prime Advantage? Do this

This Prime Advantage App review is designed to warn you about this fraud, to ensure that you don’t get ripped off by it. If you have discovered that it’s not long enough, you may still attempt to get your money back by contacting Prime Advantage. Try this:

  1. Prime Advantage helped you pay money through a particular broker. Log into your account at the broker to see whether your money is there.
  2. Send a request for withdrawal. If you have money that is not yet available or you want to request a refund, detail how you were ripped off through Prime Advantage.
  3. If you experience problems or issues, make sure you notify the broker by making complaints to the authorities, and also with an chargeback on any money transaction(s).
  4. If these steps do not help, you can ask your bank to issue an authorization to chargeback. Inform your bank of how you were scammed. We’re assuming that you transferred the money using either a debit or credit card. If you utilized a different method, contact your bank for assistance.
  5. It is also possible to determine the location of the broker and submit a complaint the financial regulator in the country.
  6. If nothing works then the last option is call the police.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to recover your funds through Prime Advantage however it’s worth giving it the opportunity. Also, request the broker to erase your personal information. You are dealing with an untrustworthy company, and it could be challenging.

Prime Advantage App review – the conclusion

Prime Advantage is a scam and the app won’t earn any money for you. It’s an application that allows you to transfer money to scammers, and you should stay away from it! If you’re looking for a legitimate cryptocurrency trading start by registering an demo account that is free with a licensed broker and get started doing some practice. Before you invest real funds, it is important to know the risks involved and use a sound trading plan. Help us warn people against Prime Advantage scam. Prime Advantage scam and share our report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sure that Prime Advantage App a scam?

Absolutely, Prime Advantage App is untrue, and it’s a pity. It promises you an easy income from trading however, it will make use of your money, and even lose it. The reality is that scammers will steal your money deposit and hold it to their own use.

What is the maximum amount I can earn through Prime Advantage?

It is impossible to earn any money from Prime Advantage because it’s a scam app. It was created to lead you to an untrustworthy and unregulated broker who is trying to steal your money.

Are you sure? Prime Advantage secure?

Yes, Prime Advantage isn’t safe. It was created to steal your cash and is therefore extremely dangerous. Furthermore your personal information could be used to extort money if you provide the information with Prime Advantage. So, don’t do it!